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  • Body Horror

Available Art!

Any art in the status: available tag can be yours! Email knitmeapony at gmail if you’d like to get some art:

  1. Trade me!
    • Make some fun art of your own and send it my way. I particularly love art that focuses on human hands, outer space, or clocks (including sundials and other ways of telling time).
    • Offer some other little treasure. I love shiny rocks, tiny statues and bottles, odd coins, pretty jewelry even if it’s broken, historic ephemera (tickets, ads, papers of any kind), pins, family recipes… something that can fit in a greeting-card-size envelope.
  2. Donate! Make any donation you can afford to one of my favorite charities (or another cause you think I’d like) and send me a redacted receipt. Recommended donation is $10 for the small 2×2 and 2×3 canvases; $20 for anything larger, 3D, or anything with black light reactive paint or other special paints.
    • Any local/individual Mutual Aid request from any social media venue
    • Clinic Vest Project – providing high-vis vests, masks, and training materials to Clinic Escort groups internationally.
    • Life After Hate – an organization built by former extremists to help others leave violent far-right organizations and build better, more compassionate lives
    • Chicago Torture Justice Center – helping victims of police violence heal and get reparations
    • One Simple Wish – Children in foster care often need lots of small simple things — shoes for sports, a suitcase for a trip, books or music or art supplies. Pick a wish, and grant it!
    • If you have a favorite charity dedicated to making the world a better place, share it with me and it’ll probably be fine!


  • Swordtember 2022
  • Orbtober 2022

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